Our Instructors


"The Human Body is a Fragile Thing"
"Variety is the Spice of Life".

(These are quotes attributed to Haruki Murakami asnd William Cowper’s poem, "The Task" (1785) respectively)

Tally Ho Fitness Group support the intent of both of these quotations.  We ensure that we have leaders and instructors who are trained in their specific fields of endeavour.   

Fitness Leadership Development Team

The Fitness Leadership Development Team, (FLDT), are a group of Tally Ho members who have volunteered to receive the necessary training to be able to professionally lead the Group.FLDT Leader Peter

Four members of the FLDT regularly lead the Group on two Saturday mornings each month, at the Wesley College Games Hall.   There are several four member teams.

FLDT Leader Peter

A significant advantage of having four member teams, is that it allows each Leader to focus on exercises appropriate to their particular group of fitness abilities.

 By having a number of having FDLT leaders, then this opportunity ensures that we can offer a variet of instruction, to all fitness levels. FLDT Leader Michael

 They  also regularly lead the Group at the "away events', held each month.




The "away" events are held in various locations at parks, tracks and bush locations around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Generally at "away" events, there is more running and jogging than at Wesley College.  Walkers are also catered for.  So all who present have the opportunity for a good workout.   Members may have the option of having their breakfast after "away" events.






 Regular Instructors

External instructors normally lead the Group for one or two mornings in the month. These instructors may lead the Group at Wesley.

Regular instructors at Wesley include:

Justin Goldsmith.Instructor Justin

Justin is an experienced instructor with particular abilities in boxing and weight training.   Boxing sessions are always with pads and gloves, so that there is no physical contact between participants.

Weight sessions are run using light weights and repetitive sets of exercises to ensure a good upper body workout is achieved.





Krunchies Fitness".

Krunchies Health & Fitness is a unique fitness provider offering fantastic outcomes as they strive to be the number 1 outdoor fitness provider in Melbourne.

Greg and Mel KrunchiesKrunchies was created in 2008 by Greg Porter.  Greg, ably assisted by Mel, enjoy working in the fresh air, without the restrictions of a gym and indoor environments as they endeavour to take our fitness to a new level.


They dislike sessions that are full of burpees, push ups and running.  They are different making good use of  Kettlebells, Tyres, Battling Ropes, Boxing, Weight Training, Harness Running and much more.

Krunchies Fitness sessions are never run the same.  We  have a lot of fun, getting great workouts in a supportive environment. 

Visit their website at:   www.krunchies.com.au

 Let them transform your body. 






External Instructors and Venues


To reinforce to our theme, "Variety is the Spice of Life", we also visit instructors at external venues.    These venues include the YMCA Monash Fitness Centre and Genesis Gym at Ringwood. 

A great workout is guaranteed, as extensive use is made of their ropes, kettle bells and boxing ring.   There is also an excellent warm-up outside their venue.  The outcome is an fantastic workout for the morning.   Often there is a BAR BQ sausage or two for participants to enjoy.

The YMCA Monash Fitness Centre is a relatively new gym located in Mount Waverley.

YMCA MonashContact them on: www.monash.ymca.org.au





Genesis Ringwood Gym is another popular external venue.   Because we start early, we have use of facilities for warm up prior to two gruelling sessions lead by Lauren with the weights Genesis Gym, Ringwoodand stretching and by Jan on the bikes.

A healthy breakfast is available afterwards for those who wish to participate.


Email:  ringwood@genesisfitness.com.au








 Guest Instructors and Training Sessions

It often takes a woman to show the way!  Recently top fitness coach Rowena McEvoy was
the guest instructor and took members through a huge program of nonstop activity for the whole 90 minutes.
Guest Instructor RowenaRowena is fantastically fit, a top motivation speaker and one of the the most successful business women in Australia.

She not only has a strong fitness business, but a fit body, a strong mind and a drive to get people off the couch, moving and achieving results.  

Rowena is a successful runner in 15 marathons, was a Body Shaping Champion and in the best shape of her life.

 She wants to get the fat, unhappy, weak folks to get fit, healthy, happy and strong too!!
Voted one of the best days of the year, the next day however guys discovered pain in muscles they didn’t know they had!

Another Saturday morning, member Ross C, who has had a lifetime affinity with the water, organised an early morning surf carnival in the placid waters of Sandridge on the bay.Surf Boat at Sandridge

With two surf boats to row, numerous surf skis to paddle and beach activity in which to compete, it was one heck of a day.
A leisurely breakfast on the beach allowed the tired but elated participants to regain their strength before the journey home.

These are two examples of the enjoyable and varied activities that cater for all levels of fitness at Tally Ho.