1. The Tally Ho Fitness Group is a “Private Men’s Fitness Group” whose purposes are:
  2. To promote physical fitness and well being among members.
  3. To encourage good fellowship and camaraderie between members.
  4. To provide suitable fitness facilities for members.
  5. To promote the activities of the Group.
  6. To encourage expansion of the Group’s membership.
  7. To involve, where practicable, all members of the Group in the activities of the Group including its administration.
  8. To be involved in charitable fundraising.
  9. To provide emotional, financial or physical support to members who are in need  of such support.
  10. To ensure, where practicable, that the tenure of office of the committee members, with the exception of Office Bearers, does not extend beyond a term of three consecutive years.
  11. To do any other thing which is deemed necessary for the furtherance of the physical fitness or well being of its members.