Tally Ho Fitness Group
"Keep fit, through group fitness training, running, jogging, walking, cycling, aerobics, boxercise, light weights and general exercise."

   2020   -   50 years of fun, friendship & fitness



We are a unique, non-commercial, community fitness group based in the City of Monash.

The Tally Ho Fitness Group was formed in 1970, more than 50 years, ago by men who had finished their competitive sporting endeavours but who still wanted to keep fit.

The Group maintains about 100 active members. Our Home Base is Southern Reserve Mulgrave.

Tally Ho has survived and thrived with the simple formula of Fun, Friendship and Fitness
  • Fun: The program is continually varied and stimulating – without any pressure to compete – except with oneself.
  • Fitness : Comes from a wide range of activities without elaborate equipment – running, body weight exercises, light hand weights, exercise bands, boxercise and fun based games including indoor soccer, indoor hockey, basketball &,volleyball.
  • Friendship: Members support and encourage one another

Come along and enjoy three free visits.   

If you are interested please contact our President - details at the bottom of this page.


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Running on Oval 2018


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Our common cause is to maintain a level of fitness. Three Saturdays out of four in each month we meet at 7:00am at Southern Reserve Mulgrave to participate in a wide variety of exercises. Running, jogging, walking, stretching, bending, hand weights, exercise bands, cardio boxing, medicine ball routines, indoor hockey/soccer/basketball/netball are amongst the many activities that we use to get and stay fit.

On the other Saturday of the month, we travel to an "away" location for a different fitness scenario. It may be to a local park, to the Dandenong’s, a spot along the Yarra or to a beach around Port Phillip Bay or the CBD. No matter where it is, it’s always a huge amount of fun and it is good for all fitness levels.

Our objective is to provide a variety of levels of training intensity, so that all members can work to a level of intensity with which they are comfortable.  After our warm-up, we regularly break into three groups....."walkers", "joggers" and "runners".   You can join whatever group you please and enjoy a workout within your level of capability.  

After the training is all over, many members retire to a local café for a coffee, a breakfast and a chat. These social opportunities have developed as a key part of the camaraderie that exists within the Tally Ho Fitness Group.


We all want to enjoy our lives.   We want to look after our partners, family and friends.   You can do this better and easier if we are fit.

Tally Ho Fitness Group provides you with an opportunity to improve your fitness.  

It is one & half hours of your time..........Saturday mornings 7:00 to 8:30 .am.

Why waste your time lying in bed when you can be out and about enjoying some fun, fitness and friendship.

We provide an opportunity.  It is up to each person to accept their challenge.

We do not prescribe a plan for individual fitness. We do not monitor your progress.

We provide an opportunity for you to voluntarily participate in a physical exercise.  

It is entirely your decision as to how easy or hard you make your workout.

We do strongly urge that you consult your doctor and seek medical approval before beginning any exercise/fitness program.

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The human body is a fragile thing, so we take care, to the best of our abilities to ensure that appropriate leadership and instruction is given to members.

It is important that members can make their choice as to the level of intensity and instruction they desire.   After our warm-ups, we normally divide the group into three segments, eg: running, jogging and light exercise/walking.

A group of Tally Ho Fitness Group members volunteer in teams of four to lead the exercise programs. 

External instructors are used on a regular or guest basis to provide additional instruction.  

Variety is the spice of our life.    Read More

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