Our Instructors


Fitness Leadership Development Team

The Fitness Leadership Development Team (FLDT) are a group of Tally Ho members who volunteer their time to plan and lead exercise sessions for the group.

FLDT Leader PeterGroups of four FLDT members are rostered to lead the group's training sessions several times each month.

An advantage of having the four member teams is the variety of fitness exercises provided.

The FLDT also lead the group at the "away" sessions which are held in a variety of locations in and around Melbourne such as parks, beaches, city and bush locations.

 External Instructors

External instructors normally lead the group several times per month on alternative weeks to the FLDT.


Justin Goldsmith.Instructor Justin

Justin is an experienced instructor with particular abilities in boxing and weight training.   Boxercise sessions are always with pads and gloves, so that there is no physical contact between participants.

Weight sessions are run using light weights and repetitive sets of exercises to ensure a good upper body workout is achieved.





Krunchies Health & Fitness is a unique fitness provider offering fantastic outcomes as they strive to be the number 1 outdoor fitness provider in Melbourne.

Greg and Mel KrunchiesKrunchies was created in 2008 by Greg Porter.  Greg, ably assisted by Mel, enjoy working in the fresh air, without the restrictions of a gym and indoor environments as they endeavour to take our fitness to a new level.

They dislike sessions that are full of burpees, push ups and running.  They are different making good use of  Kettlebells, Tyres, Battle Ropes, Boxercise, Weight Training, Harness Running and much more.

Krunchies Fitness sessions are never run the same.  We  have a lot of fun, getting great workouts in a supportive environment. 

Visit their website at:   www.krunchies.com.au


External Venues

We also visit external venues which include the Genesis Gym at Ringwood.

Genesis Gym, Ringwood





 Guest Instructors and Training Sessions

Occasionally, the group is blessed with special guest instructors such as Rowena McEvoy. 

Guest Instructor RowenaShe not only runs a top fitness business, she is also a motivation speaker and one of the the most successful business women in Australia & New Zealand. 

She has a drive to get people off the couch, moving and achieving results.  

Rowena is FIT. She has completed in 15 marathons and is a former Body Shaping Champion.