Ride with Peloton de Lycra

Bike Ride Thursday morning's "Ride with Peloton de Lycra" 


There are two Bike Users Groups, that are completely unassociated from Tallyho Fitness Group.
Our Thursday BUG has grown in stature.   There are now has up to 25 riders on a 50km to 60km bike ride each Thursday morning.   Always stopping for a good coffee and back home by lunch time.
Starting points vary around Melbourne, so if you are not on the weekly mailing list, please ph: Jeff Pitt  0412 250 093, for details.
Our Tuesday BUG travels at a more leisurely pace and covers between 30 and 40 km.   Always time to stop for a cup of coffee and a muffin. 
This early morning group is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to ride at a slightly slower pace.  For details. please ph: Winston Marsh 9803 7555 or 0415 358324, for details
Both groups ride from different locations every week, covering all parts of Melbourne in their travels.  The emphysis is on an enjoyable ride and good camaraderie.  The objective is to ride on the comprehensive network of tracks that encompass Melbourne and keep away from major roadways.

Contact: Jeff Pitt

Phone: 0412 250 093